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Focused Web Searches

As an indirect follow up to my suggestion to web search answers to vfaq-type questions, someone mentioned that web searches usually returned pages of useless or potentially harmful junk.

I'm sure this won't come as any surprise to most nekochan members, but it is possible to exclude some or all of the empty-content sites that seem to appear at the top of every Google web search.

You can tell Google not to include specific domains by including
in your search string. As an example, if to exclude from a search, include
in the google search string. The key is to include the leading minus <"-"> in your Google search modifier.

If I remove the minus from the search modifier, Google will restrict the search exclusively to the site listed in the modifier. So as an example, I could use Google to search only by adding
to my Google search string.

This one is pretty basic. If you have any other useful web search tips or tricks, feel free to follow up with a post.

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works the same for bing (for those of us who don't want to be completely G-zombified) and probably most other search engines as well.

With bing, you can also type (for example) "nekochan NOT"

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