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2 machines, 2 monitors, 1keyboard and mouse - no kvm

Right, topic says it pretty much.

Would it be possible to run a Mac on one monitor, sgi machine on another monitor, but use 1 keyboard and mouse for control WITHOUT a KVM? I had hoped there was a bit of software that could be run on both machines and as soon as you mouse over from one screen to another you switch desktops? Both machines are on the same network, and could even be connected with a cross-over cable.

Or is this cloud 9 thinking?!?

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you are thinking of a marveolus software called synergy... there is a mac version and irix version in nekoware.
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in past
i used teleffect to mix sgi and pc
but i don't know if there was a version for mac too
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Thanks. Have just stumbled across this tread.

edit: I don't think teleffect runs under OS X.

No SGI box currently...Snif!
Synergy is the official successor to teleffect. It's in nekoware and works fine for me. Windows, Mac, Linux and other versions are on Sourceforge.