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I don't know your stereo type..

hamei wrote:
lisp wrote: Subwoofers are for wusses! Giant bass bins all the way!

perhaps :-)


The 44s have 12" bass bins, the 33s have 10" bass bins.

We did want the 66s, which have passive radiators, but unfortunately I don't have a stash of nazi gold or anything of equivalent value with which to buy them :)
Wow - what cool stereo you guys have! Quite humbly I submit my own:
    Accuphase P-300V
    Accuphase C-200V
    Accuphase DP-70
    Accuphase T-105
    Teac A-3300S
    Teac A-3300SX
    Teac PC-10
    Denon DRS-610
    Thorens TD 160 Super
    SME Series III
    Shure V15 type V
    Shure Ultra 500
    Crown EQ-2
    Phase Linear 1000 Series Two
    Phase Linear 1200 Series Two
    Lambda-M 2Mk II
    Stax SR-Lambda Signature
    Stax SRD-7/mk2
-TASCAM tape deck and cd player
-Pioneer Laserdisc player
-Crown pre and p. amp
-a pair of used older model JBLpro Screen Array (right out from the back of projector screen at local cinema 8) )