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Website with supercomputer comparison

A while ago every time I google for Origin or Altix, a website with a annually comparison of supercomputers showed up in the results - talking about the architecture of basically all produced high performance computers - Origin, Altix, Superdome, SX-6, Crays etc. The problem is, I can't find it now and I haven't bookmarked it, so I don't even now the link for archive.org, in case it was taken down. I think it was done by a person working at a university but I'm not sure, there were no pictures, only text on a beige background. Does anyone remember, what site it was and maybe knows the link?
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You mean this site?
Martin Steen wrote: http://www.top500.org

You mean this site?

Unfortunately no, this would be to obvious ;)
It was not just a list comparing FLOPS etc, it was more about the architecture of the "mass" produced high performance computers like those I enumerated in my first post. It was about these manufactured in the year when the report was written and about those which disappeared during the last year. I think there were reports for most years during the 2000-2010 decade. I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but I think the last time I visited that website, there was a note, that the man who have done it, retired from the university and there were no new results published during last 2-3 years.
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Hope somebody with a clue responds, it sounds like it would be a good thing to harvest and instantiate elsewhere...
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smj wrote: Hope somebody with a clue responds, it sounds like it would be a good thing to harvest and instantiate elsewhere...

I spent about 10 hours searching (it seem to be gone), I looked through bookmarks on my computers and haven't found it. I never found a link to this site, it always appeared in search results, so unless someone also bookmarked it will be hard to find a link and recover it from archive.org... I hate the volatility of the Web.
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I know this is not what you were probably looking for, but it was good read on comparing architectures:

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Finally, found it buried in my bookmark collection!
http://www.euroben.nl/reports.php - it's down, but the reports in PDF were archived !
So a quick peek at one - it was Aad J. van der Steen, his website at the university was deleted:
http://www.phys.uu.nl/~steen - but again, it was archived
And fortunately, the link from the "farewell"page - http://www.hpcresearch.nl - is up! And there are the reports from 93 to 2011 .
Now I know why Google didn't work. The HTML version at http://www.phys.uu.nl/~euroben/reports/ ... erview.php was deleted and the files (the directories web00 through web11) are on the new server http://www.hpcresearch.nl/euroben/reports/ but can't be viewed (403).
Some of them were archived:
2000 @euroben.nl
2001 @euroben.nl
2002 @phys.uu.nl
2003 @phys.uu.nl
2004 @phys.uu.nl
2005 @phys.uu.nl
2006 @euroben.nl
2007 @phys.uu.nl
2008-2011 are missing (it seems pre 2000 were not available in HTML), but everything is present at EuroBen Benchmark reports and Overview of recent supercomputers . I like them, because you can read about the machines at a specific moment of time and see how the whole HPC industry evolved, not only a particular architecture of one manufacturer.

Even TOP500 has a mirror of 2006/2007 reports, though I like the layout of the original page more: http://www.top500.org/resources/orsc
Now I also know, why it was so hard to find the page - Google seems to rank low these PDFs at hpcresearch.nl - and no, there is no ROBOTS.TXT at that website.
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