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Constant Hard Drive activity windows 7

I have recently put windows 7 ultimate on my netbook, after a 2gb RAM upgrade.
Now the HDD activity light is constantly on, I've turned off the useless services, yet it's still on.
Any ideas?
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If it's a just-completed install windows is probably indexing the contents of your hard drive (to make future searches faster). For more info on Win7 and indexing, select 'Help and Support' from the start menu and search the help database for "index".

Depending on the size/speed of your system/hard drive, it could take a while. If it doesn't seem to finish in a reasonable time you can always do a "control-alt-delete", select "Task Manager" from the menu and take a look at what processes are (or aren't) running in the background (or set up hard drive monitoring in the Win7 Performance Monitor).
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That's what I thought, but I had then turned indexing off.

The processe, so far, show nothing out of the ordinairy, I shall let it run idle, then see.
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Mac Mini 2.5GHz 8GB RAM
Raspberry Pi
Bring up the task manger
Click the "Performance" tab.
Click the "Resource Monitor.." button
In the Resource manager click the "disk" tab.
It will display all processes that use the disk and the read/write load for each process.

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