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WTB: Item in Belgium, any members able to help me?

Looks like there is an an ebay item in Belgium for sale (ends Dec 8th) I'd like to get, but the seller will not sell or ship to the US. Any Nekochan member in Belgium or Europe who would be able to bid on it for me and then resend it to me here in Florida?

Naturally I am unable to read some of the particulars about it as well as the cost. I can provide the link to anyone who contacts me and discuss the particulars with you.

Thanks, Richard

maybe i can help by speaking to the seller and asking him to ship to the U.S. (if he speaks french but i suppose he does)

is it SGI stuff? will the package be very heavy/huge? i live in the north of france, 30km from belgium so maybe i could help with what you're asking but i'd prefer not to use the french postal service with heavy/fragile items because i have had a lot of bad experiences in the past (they even "lost" a friend's powermac G5)
Yes ad acidchrist said : NEVER USE "La poste" (our postal service), it's very common to have our packages stollen/destroyed : one of my friend got his package crushed by a truck whell (yes you read well, they have ride there truck over it), and lots of packets are damaged (often heavily) ... well I got my revenge when I bought my Sun Blade 2000 :twisted: 32 Kg thrown from the 2nd floor must have done some effects on the other packages. Some of my packages never come too, they had just "disapeared" /s/disapeared/stollen (the Powermac was mine if you want to know).

Well Richtom1, what is the cost and the weight of your item ?
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Well Richtom1, what is the cost and the weight of your item

I had someone here ready to help but the bidding was a bit high and the shipping would have been too high as well for me to try and have someone bid for me.