FFView 0.9.10 recompiled for Mavericks

One of my fav picture viewer in OS X

Last version released on the web site in 2009 was compiled with Tiger SDK.
It has numerous random crashes on my Retina MacBook Pro (I don't recall if it crashed on my MBP 15" Late 11).

Since it ran pretty much bug free before I switched to this new MBPr, I guessed it needs to be recompiled with some newer SDK.

And here you have it, FFView 0.9.10 (same version as on recompiled using Xcode 5.1 with Mavericks SDK.
Sadly since it uses some Carbon framework, I could not recompile it with 64bit target.

But it runs pretty much crash-free for me now.
(NB: You will still want to reduce the [Ring buffer to 1] and [Fetch Distance to 0] in Preferences>Advanced)