ANT and ShockBurst over iPhone bluetooth

OK, the bluetooth radio in iphone is able to talk ShockBurst (aka Nike+). Is there any API that allows the same to be done with the ANT or (even better) ANT+ protocol? Right now I use a Wahoo Fisica key and the API for that works pretty well, I was just wondering if there's a way to get rid of the dongle completely. My Apple Dev account expired some time ago and I'm not about to renew it just to find this out...

I always assumed there was an extra Nordic nrf2402 or something like that for the ShockBurst, I never knew it was the same Broadcomm chipset used for bluetooth...

I'm guessing the answer will be "no", since the Wahoo Fisica even exists... but who knows ;)

I have a 4S but every iphone since the 3G can do ShockBurst.

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