Data Rescue 3 Deal - Sep 29/30

I hesitate to post this kind of thing, since I don't want to set a precedent for ads on Nekochan, but I just saw that one of the best Mac utilities I've ever come across is on sale this weekend for $39.99 instead of the usual $99. Since so many Nekochanners end up dealing with failing hard drives, I thought this was worth a special mention. Prosoft Engineering's Data Rescue saved my bacon once when I had a mac hard drive that failed and other tools didn't even recognize the drive, and it put several friends of mine into lifelong debt to me when the same happened to me. I know a lot of people might hesitate to spend $99 for a utility they may never use, but at around $40, it might make a lot of sense to add it to your Mac bag of tricks so that you have it at hand if a drive does fail. Prosoft is one of the oldest Mac developers in existence, and Apple has licensed pieces of their code for use in MacOS several times over the years. I have no affiliation with them, aside from being a satisfied customer for around twenty years. (Way back when, Prosoft wrote the definitive Netware client for Macs, and Novell ended up using the Prosoft client instead of maintaining their own.)

Anyway, here is the sale link -