Editing 4k on MacBook Air video

Interesting video.
Now, to be fair, this particular MBA is cheating—sort of. The rig is using an external graphics card hooked up via Thunderbolt, imbuing the Air with superpowers that can't yet be crammed into its thin chassis. It chews through uncompressed 4k video that would make a normal MBA crawl on its knees.

Card in use
and a Sonnet PCIe 2.0 Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis ... index.html

The above set up will still put you above the mac pro price point. But still pretty cool.

5/11/11 12:58:19 AM gfxCardStatus[268] AMD Radeon HD 6750M in use. Bummer! Less battery life for you.
5/11/11 12:58:20 AM gfxCardStatus[268] Intel HD Graphics 3000 in use. Sweet deal! More battery life.
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Messi is jealous of the thunderbolt port. Revenge of the net books! rawwwwrrrr!!

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Of course, even with a MacPro, you still would have to buy the Red Rocket to get that performance.