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Radius trinitron monitor convergence issues

I my Radius IntelliColor 20e apart to adjust focus, and upon putting it together a screw escaped, necessitating a complete disassembly to get it out.

Now my convergence is way off - on a text console I get three copies of everything (in red, green and blue) separated by a half-line :? . I've checked to make sure I plugged the proper feeds into the proper guns, and when I tell it to show red, green, and blue it does so, so I'm not sure what I messed up. I was very careful around the convergence rings and the monitor yoke, so I don't think that's it.

Anyone had this happen to a Sony Trinitron before? It makes using the computer difficult...

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When you say "complete disassembly", you mean that you had to remove the monitor chassis and whatnot, not that you removed the picture tube or yoke, right?

Assuming that you connected everything back up properly, including the electronic convergence, then you could have simply lost the memory settings. Many Trinitron monitors actually have a convergence function in the menu/controls. There are seperate vertical and horizontal convergence adjustments, the symbol looks like a little screen with lines either horizontally or vertically.

But, assuming that you *didn't* connect everything proplerly - go back and double check any wires coming off the yoke/convegence assembly...