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VICE emulator v1.11 now compiles with MIPSPro

Hello all. Two questions regarding Mozilla.

1. Does anyone know how to set a mail notification sound in Mozilla 1.3b. In Edit>Preferences then Mail and Newsgroups under the Notifications label there is a place to select a sound file, yet all I get is "beep".

2. Can anyone tell me if version 1.4b is faster than 1.3b?
1.4b was not noticeably faster for me. Also, it lacked (in its present state) the spell checker in Composer and the "File" icon button in the Mail browser.

Also, related to Mozilla...does anyone know how to get it to launch SoftwareManger when openning a tardist?. It launches for me, but does not accept the root authorization.
Anyone know if there is a SGI-compiled version of mount that will allow mounts to SMB shares? I know the mount command in Linux does this, didn't know if anyone was doing it with an SGI.
Hi all,

I've just completed the patch and subsequent build tests of VICE 1.11 ( ). It seems to work fine, except for sound, which i don't know if it was broken in the first place.

Do the following if you want to compile it yourself with MIPSPro 7.3x
First, download and unpack the source at: ... .11.tar.gz

To apply the patch to the source listed below, save it to /tmp/vicesgi.patch and do:

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cd vice-1.11
patch -p0 < /tmp/vicesgi.patch

Then do:

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setenv CC cc
setenv CXX CC
setenv CFLAGS '-I/usr/freeware/include -L/usr/freeware/lib32 -mips4 -Ofast -IPA -ansi -pedantic -D_POSIX_SOURCE -D_BSD_SOURCE -D__EXTENSIONS__ -D_BSD_TYPES'

...and cross your fingers. After that a

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gmake install
as root should install everything.

People who are not blessed with MIPSPro 7.3x can use 7.2.1, provided they remove -Ofast -IPA from the CFLAGS and delete LDFLAGS alltogether

So here comes the patch. It is mothafoqqing uglee, probably breaks other (linux?) builds, makes your Indy explode and empties your fridge. In that order. And oh yeah, it needs more work...

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--- src/arch/unix/readline/   Sun Oct  7 23:05:39 2001
+++ src/arch/unix/readline/complete.c   Mon Jun  2 09:42:09 2003
@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@
*avp = av = new;

-        if ((av[ac] = strdup(p)) == NULL) {
+        if ((av[ac] = (char *)strdup(p)) == NULL) {
if (ac == 0)
@@ -107,18 +107,18 @@
char        *fpart;

if ((fpart = strrchr(path, '/')) == NULL) {
-        if ((dpart = strdup(DOT)) == NULL)
+        if ((dpart = (char *)strdup(DOT)) == NULL)
return -1;
-        if ((fpart = strdup(path)) == NULL) {
+        if ((fpart = (char *)strdup(path)) == NULL) {
return -1;
else {
-        if ((dpart = strdup(path)) == NULL)
+        if ((dpart = (char *)strdup(path)) == NULL)
return -1;
dpart[fpart - path] = '\0';
-        if ((fpart = strdup(++fpart)) == NULL) {
+        if ((fpart = (char *)strdup(++fpart)) == NULL) {
return -1;

--- src/plus4/   Thu Jan 16 20:23:37 2003
+++ src/plus4/ted.c   Tue Jun  3 13:46:21 2003
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@
old_maincpu_clk += num;

-inline void ted_delay_clk(void)
+void ted_delay_clk(void)
CLOCK diff;

@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@

-inline void ted_handle_pending_alarms(int num_write_cycles)
+void ted_handle_pending_alarms(int num_write_cycles)

--- src/plus4/   Sat Oct 12 18:45:02 2002
+++ src/plus4/ted-fetch.c   Tue Jun  3 13:45:45 2003
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@

/* Emulate a matrix line fetch, `num' bytes starting from `offs'.  This takes
care of the 10-bit counter wraparound.  */
-inline void ted_fetch_matrix(int offs, int num)
+void ted_fetch_matrix(int offs, int num)
BYTE *p;
int start_char;
@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
memcpy(ted.cbuf, ted.cbuf_tmp, TED_SCREEN_TEXTCOLS);

-inline void ted_fetch_color(int offs, int num)
+void ted_fetch_color(int offs, int num)
int start_char;
int c;

--- src/drive/   Sat Jan 18 17:31:29 2003
+++ src/drive/drivecpu.c   Tue Jun  3 13:20:06 2003
@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@

-inline void drive_cpu_wake_up(drive_context_t *drv)
+void drive_cpu_wake_up(drive_context_t *drv)
/* FIXME: this value could break some programs, or be way too high for
others.  Maybe we should put it into a user-definable resource.  */
@@ -333,7 +333,7 @@

-inline void drive_cpu_sleep(drive_context_t *drv)
+void drive_cpu_sleep(drive_context_t *drv)
/* Currently does nothing.  But we might need this hook some day.  */

--- src/drive/   Mon Jan 20 19:44:22 2003
+++ src/drive/drive.c   Tue Jun  3 13:53:44 2003
@@ -527,7 +527,7 @@
The return value corresponds to bit#7 of VIA2 PRB. This means 0x0
is returned when sync is found and 0x80 is returned when no sync
is found.  */
-inline BYTE drive_sync_found(drive_t *dptr)
+BYTE drive_sync_found(drive_t *dptr)
BYTE val = dptr->GCR_track_start_ptr[dptr->GCR_head_offset];

@@ -685,7 +685,7 @@

/* Return the write protect sense status. */
-inline BYTE drive_write_protect_sense(drive_t *dptr)
+BYTE drive_write_protect_sense(drive_t *dptr)
/* Set the write protection bit for the time the disk is pulled out on
detach.  */

--- src/vicii/   Sat Jan 11 17:44:55 2003
+++ src/vicii/vicii-irq.c   Mon Jun  2 16:27:42 2003
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
#include "viciitypes.h"

-inline void vicii_irq_set_line(void)
+void vicii_irq_set_line(void)
if (vic_ii.irq_status & vic_ii.regs[0x1a]) {
vic_ii.irq_status |= 0x80;

--- src/vicii/   Thu Jan 16 19:54:47 2003
+++ src/vicii/vicii.c   Mon Jun  2 16:33:04 2003
@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@
old_maincpu_clk += num;

-inline void vicii_delay_clk(void)
+void vicii_delay_clk(void)
#if 0
CLOCK diff;
@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@

-inline void vicii_handle_pending_alarms(int num_write_cycles)
+void vicii_handle_pending_alarms(int num_write_cycles)
if (vic_ii.viciie != 0)

--- src/vicii/     Tue Jun  3 16:32:01 2003
+++ src/vicii/vicii-fetch.c       Mon Jun  2 16:33:48 2003
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@

/* Emulate a matrix line fetch, `num' bytes starting from `offs'.  This takes
care of the 10-bit counter wraparound.  */
-inline void vicii_fetch_matrix(int offs, int num, int num_0xff)
+void vicii_fetch_matrix(int offs, int num, int num_0xff)
int start_char;
int c;

--- src/monitor/   Sat Dec 28 21:17:52 2002
+++ src/monitor/mon_parse.y   Mon Jun  2 09:33:59 2003
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
#else  /* Not HAVE_ALLOCA_H.  */
#if !defined(_AIX) && !defined(WINCE)
#ifndef _MSC_VER
-extern char *alloca();
+/* extern char *alloca(); */
#define alloca(n)   _alloca(n)
#endif  /* MSVC */
Great work! I'll build/package it up tonight :)
Twitter: @neko_no_ko
IRIX Release 4.0.5 IP12 Version 06151813 System V
Copyright 1987-1992 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
No, because the filesystem type needed to mount smbfs is not supported yet under IRIX. Smbmount doesn't seem to be supported under IRIX as well.

What you need is Sharity, an SMB client with GUI which can mount your SMB shares on IRIX machines. I use it on my O2 for two years now with great succes.

Freeware has a Sharity client and without the license you can use it, although support for shares will be limited to three levels deep.

Sharity also comes with a handy dandy command line program you can use also. In fact, this is all I used before I knew there even WAS a GUI.

sharity cifsmount //servername/sharename /mount/location

Note it's "sharity" not "Sharity" for the command line version

There's still that 3 level deep thing that bugs the CRAP out of me...since I have my files sorted like

Well, Simpsons is empty, because it's the 4th level, more than 3 levels deep, so I had to export numerous more shares and mount them seperately, but hey, there are work arounds.

To unmount something run
sharity cifsumount /mount/location
Right, well, I can't get that patch to work. It bombs out with

patch: **** malformed patch at line 40: }

Anyway, the sound problem, in all liklihood, is because it's linking with ESD. My experience with VICE is that linking with ESD totally messes up sound support, and just about the only way to stop it is to rename everything relating to esd so the configure script can't find it.

I'm also wondering about the speed issue.

In my compilations of VICE-1.11 under GCC, the resultant emulation was *far* slower than VICE-1.10 once the emulator was actually doing something .

Personally, I'd suggest downloading demos from

The ones by Smash Designs are particularly good stress tests.
I'm building it right now; I had ESD in there the first time around so I'm redoing it.
Twitter: @neko_no_ko
IRIX Release 4.0.5 IP12 Version 06151813 System V
Copyright 1987-1992 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Lisp suggests that a setenv CXXFLAGS '-mips4 -Ofast' should also be applied to speed up execution.

Oh and for all the folks who had a hard time extracting the patch from the forum message, i've put it here:
Okay, here I go again :D
Twitter: @neko_no_ko
IRIX Release 4.0.5 IP12 Version 06151813 System V
Copyright 1987-1992 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Twitter: @neko_no_ko
IRIX Release 4.0.5 IP12 Version 06151813 System V
Copyright 1987-1992 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
I use and love sharity for connecting to MS filesystems.
I occassionally have trouble with the browser locking up the file alteration monitor (fm) when one of my mounted files systems disappears.

If the 3-level deep limit of the freeware version bugs you (as it does me) we could try petitioning the distributor to include IRIX on its lists of hobbist OS, then the cost of a single machine license would drop from $200 to $60.
This is one thing I have been wanting for my SGI boxes, woo!