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SGIs Amphitheatre Technology Campus (back then)

Dear forum readers,

On August 9th, 1999 I had the privilege to be at SGIs Amphitheatre Technology Campus.
At building 43 I asked the exceptionally friendly receptionist about the company store,
which had already closed.

Since then I am under the impression, that the entrance at building 43 was not the main
entrance at the Amphitheatre Technology Campus.

Although I searched, I did not find any information, so I would like to raise a few questions:
Was there a main entrance at the campus?
Where was it located?
What did it look like?
Are there any photos available?

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Best greetings from Austria, Europe
(I only worked there for a brief period, so I could be wrong)

From what I know there was technically no "main entrance." There was a main parking lot, which is where they routed all the visitors, and the only somewhat official "entrance" was the reception area in Building 43, which was were the graphics group was. At least that is where I think visitors and day passes were issued.

I was at the MTI building in that campus, which was next to the one you were in, the only distinguishing feature besides the gaudy purple colors, was ironically the dumpster which was painted to resemble an Indigo box.

I forgot the exact numbering of the buildings in that campus, since every silicon valley outfit has a different arbitrary numbering/naming scheme for their buildings/rooms. So I stop paying attention a few companies back.

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Man, there where so many buildings....buildings 40,41,42 and 43 were the buildings that are now the main Googleplex. Across the street were 30,31 and 32 which I believe is where Google Geo is now located. There was also a building 44 down the road which was their datacenter.

I'm not 100% sure, but I THINK B40 was the "main" building for visitors. B40 is where the company store was located, along with a customer briefing center. I think there was a bunch of presentation/demo space in 40 as well.

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