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WTB: Any "Deskside" SGI Computer (Onyx, Crimson, etc)

Hey hey. I'm looking to make it an endtable, so the specs aren't as important as the form factor itself - basically looking for any machine with the Onyx's squared-off :Onyx: / :ChallengeL: / :Crimson: profile, working or non-working.

I'd prefer something along or near the US West Coast, as that makes it possible for me to pick it up in person with a truck in one go.

I'd pay a premium for a working or near-working unit, but I'm really just in it for the case, so I'm not willing to pay top-market value on any of this stuff at the moment. Just curious if any units of the sort are out in this part of the world, since I'd love to find the space for one of 'em in my new computer room.
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They're pretty.
If you would like to see the desert southwest of the USA, I have a couple to choose from.

It's a loooong road trip though.
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