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HP B2600 Workstation Parts

I managed to save a nice HP B2600 Workstation from the dumpster. Monitor, keyboard and mouse are not a problem, but the Video card is..

It currently has an HP Visualize EG PCI card ( # A4977A). It has a specialized connector on the back for which I do not have the cable.

Any chance someone has a cable that will connect to this card?

Or, does anyone have the FXe version of the HP graphics card which I believe has a standard HD15 connector?

I think the connector is an EVC. A DVI like but with built in Firewire, USB etc... A very uncommon interface....

Here the DVI / EVC difference :


Some tips here to creat your own EVC to VGA adapter, related to HP workstation, need a look :


I think it's like this one, but I'm not sure about the compatibility with HP workstation, need some searching :


Just for info I have some new spare parts for B2600 in stock that were stocked because we use one of them at work to control old Zeiss software.

Power supply, LCD display, complete set of documentation, chassis, fan assembly.

Feel free to contact me by PM if you are interested.

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Thanks so much for your reply. I learned something new today. I had no idea EVC existed. lol..

I sent you an email. Thanks again for your insight.