Hardware Wanted

WTT/WTB: IP59 1 GHz quad-processor node board

Does anyone have an IP59 1 GHz MIPS R16000 quad-processor board (P/N: 030-1989-003 ) and is perhaps willing to trade/sell it?

I could exchange it for an IP53 700 MHz MIPS R16000 dual-processor board, or perhaps even a 700 MHz MIPS R16000 quad-processor board, in the case a 1 GHz quad-processor board would have to be removed from a working system. (Along with additional additional items to trade and/or an additional payment, of course.)

I have various things to trade, see my other threads. Thanks in advance.

:Tezro: :Indigo2IMP: :Indigo2:

• Offering various remaining systems and parts, several interestingly compatible with both IRIX and OpenVMS ( AXP and I64 );
• Looking for an SGI O3000 IP59 1-GHz MIPS R16000 quad-processor node board (for a Tezro).