Hardware Wanted

Onyx2 or Onyx2/O2K chassis + power

Looking for a cheap Onyx2 or a Onyx2/O2K chassis w/o cpu/gfx boards.
There are two different basic kinds of "Onyx2/O2k" chassis - The Onyx2 Deskside (has the Infinite Reality plane built into the enclosure, takes IR boards in the same chassis as compute nodes) and the Onyx2 Rack/Origin 2000 (takes only compute nodes, needs an XIO <->KTown board to connect to a seperate G-Brick for graphics).
And beyond these, there are several (tons) of different skins (rackmount, deskside, new-logo, old-logo, Cray-branded, weird flat late-model Onyx2 front panels) - should probably specify if you're picky on those as well (or do you even want any)?

I have an Origin2000 chassis I might be willing to part with but it's only plausible if you're nearby.

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I prefer onyx2 deskside, but I'm open to any(I can always do the SI hack).

I'm on the east coast, so it won't work out. Thanks though.