Hardware Wanted

WTD: 256MB RAM kits for O2

Looking for many kits (ie. 2 x 128MB DIMMs per kit), please email or PM if you have some available for sale,
part-exchange or swap. Email is best for contacting me ( [email protected] or [email protected] )

Example PNs are KSG-O2/256, 030-1080-3RD, 030-1473-001 VTG-75972 and 030-1080-001.

Thanks! :)


PS. If you have DIMMs which say 128MB, but only have chips on one side of the DIMM, then they are only
64MB DIMMs. SGI used the same 128MB label for both types, but the PN will be different for 64MB DIMMs,
eg. KSG-O2/128 or 030-1492-001.

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