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SCSI disks (80 pin, 36GB, 10k RPM)

Does anybody even care about these anymore? Has everyone moved on to higher capacities? I got about a dozen of them out of some ancient Dell servers that I bought just to get a 24U rack. I'd rather not trash them if there are people out there that might want them. Any takers at $5 a piece?
Are they date stamped at all? I know Seagate and WD have taken to obfuscating their date stamps in recent years. If they were in somebody's data center they've probably been through years of uptime. Admittedly the SCSIs from the 36GB era were built like battleships but (for example) the guys in my IT department at work scrap every drive that's been up for five years whether it's showing errors or not... :roll:
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I would say they're still useful. I run this type of disks in my main SPARCstation 20s, since they run less hot than larger, higher speed SCA drives, and they have enough space for period OSes.
It depends a lot on how good a drive they are, and how compatible they are with older SCSI buses. There are some excellent 36GB drives out there which are quiet and very fast - perfect as a system disk in an older Indigo2 for example. I run a 15k 36GB drive in my Indigo2 and Fuel - despite owning plenty of larger drives. Quite simply because with a big 300GB data drive alongside, I've been unable to fill them despite stuffing them with tons of programs, and they're almost silent as well.

Of course, if they're incompatible with older buses and noisy, then they're less useful. I had this recently with a mountain of 36GB drives I salvaged from our old AS400 at work. Some were lovely and quiet and worked great with my Indigo2, the others were noisy, clicky and only worked with my Fuel/O2. Guess which ones I claimed, and which ones I left in the bin-pile :)
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I am going to buy a brand new hard drive, SCA, 120Gbyte of capacity, 15Krpm, for my Octane.
thus I decline your invite, mr pierocks

the hard drive costs 150 euro (yes, brand new, 1 year of warranty), it will take time in order to complete the budget, since I do not want to charge my paypal credit with cash, I mean … I am collecting payments on ebay/bazar, so … things to sell, paypal credits to get, and a purpose to be achieved, a hard drive to buy at the end (will I be complete for xmas ? will I find it under the tree ? who knows ...)

oh, and I need qty=4 s/ATA-II hard drives, no more than 250Gbyte of capacity each, in order to complete my storage rack
say, more 120 euro of budget

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