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[sun] Various parts and cards

Various Sun parts and cards available.
Please PM me if you're interested, items have of course been tested.

Part number: Description:
340-6220-03 2x Sun Ultra-Sparc III 900Mhz 64-bit CPUs

270-5406-06 2x Sun Quad-Ethernet cards (X1034)

501-6174-02 8x Sun 512MB PC100 SDRAM 100MHz ECC Registered

250-1611-03 1x Sun Blade CPU screwdriver

375-3051 1x Sun PWA-CHIMERA/PC+M Server Processor Board (X2132A)

Pictures and board revisions available on request.
Items will be shipped, worldwide, bubblewrapped, in an anti-static bag.
Shipping inside the Nethernlands for free.
I didn't include prices, just PM me a reasonable price and we're done ;-)