Hardware For Sale/Trade

FS: R16K/800MHz Fuel, 1GB/146GB, V10, CD: 495 UKP + shipping


SGI Fuel
R16000 800MHz (4MB L2) CPU
146GB 10K disk
V10 graphics

495 UKP + shipping

Addons/upgrades as follows:

- Upgrade to V12: +295
- Add extra 1GB RAM: +25
- Or just max out the RAM to 4GB: +100
- Upgrade CDROM to DVDROM: +40
- Add 36GB 15K 68pin disk (fastest disk I've yet tested!): +30 (ie. this becomes the system disk, with the 146GB 10K setup as a data disk)
- Or just upgrade the 146GB to a 15K: +35
- Add a Gbit NIC: +30
- Add an LSI U320 PCIX SCSI card, LSI21320-IS: +25
- Add a dual-port U160 QLOGIC QLA12160/33MHz 64bit PCI SCSI card (LVD/SE): +50
- Add a dual-port U2W QLOGIC QLA1280 PCI SCSI card (LVD/SE): +20
- Add an M-Audio Revolution 7.1 PCI Audio Card: +50
- Add a tri-port Firewire PCI Card (3 external): +30
- Add a tri-port Firewire PCI Card (2 external, 1 internal): +25
- Add a 3-port USB PCI Card: +15

My usual full mega 6.5.30 installation. Email/PM/call if interested! (email/phone preferred) My address is:

[email protected]

My phone no. is: +44 (0)131 476 0796

Shipping costs in UKP (includes extra insurance):

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UK:                                         25
Channel Islands:                            27
Republic of Ireland:                        30
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg:           30
Denmark, France, Germany, Monaco:           30
Italy, Spain:                               41
Corsica, Austria, Vatican City State:       42
Greece, Portugal, Sardinia, Sicily:         45
Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland:           48
Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland:         48
Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden:                 48
Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Malta:            53
Norway, Switzerland, San Merino:            53
Azores, Balearics, Madeira:                 63
Turkey:                                     77
Andorra:                                    88
USA/Canada:                                100
Everywhere else:                    Email/Call

Any questions, please ask here or contact me direct.

Cheers! :)

(07/Mar/2015) FREE! (collection only) 16x Sagitta 12-bay dual-channel U160 SCSI JBOD units.
Email, phone or PM for details, or see my forum post .
[email protected]
+44 (0)131 476 0796
First unit sold! Here's a pic of the system, and of the box just before it was collected, with my usual mega nuke-proof packaging:


Eight units left!

Note that one unit has some marks at the back (red marker pen should cover them reasonably well), I'd do that one for 475 UKP + shipping (the front looks fine though).

Damn...Double Damn...If only I had some cash right now! :cry:

Very nice though Ian, clean as usual.

No SGI box currently...Snif!
2nd unit sold, seven remain.

JacquesT writes:
> Damn...Double Damn...If only I had some cash right now! :cry:

:D Hmm, any relatives you can sell? Hehe.

> Very nice though Ian, clean as usual.

Well of course! 8)

I've moved the addons/upgrades notes to the 1st post.