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For Sale :: Octane 2x300mhz, V6, 1024MB, Fibre XIO + Fibre A

Hey guys,

So I havent turned on my Octane in a year and need some cash so it's unfortunately got to go.
It's a nice machine and the skins are in pretty good condition. Has 2 internal hd's (cant remember their size) and a fibre array with 7 drives (one of which is dead). I lost my fibre cable in one of my recent moves so you'll have to get a new one. I got my original cable from a nice gent somewhere on this board (can't remember his name now).
I really dont feel like shipping this so this is a pickup or pay me to deliver item.

I'm located in Stratford CT about 15 minutes from New Haven and 1:30 from NYC.

I'm asking for $75 for those two items but will also consider taking trades.

$75 for both? or each?
Both. I've got to get rid of them.
PM sent.

EDIT: While I PMed yesturday, the message seems stuck in my Outbox.

Anyway... I'm in Middletown (~30 min away I believe) and can drive over this weekend to pick it up. However, I wanted to check if it was an Octane or Octane2, and what condition the skins were in beforehand.

Thanks in advance.
tillin9 wrote: EDIT: While I PMed yesturday, the message seems stuck in my Outbox.

It isn't stuck - it just means the recipient hasn't checked/read it yet.
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yeah, he didnt get a message from me either. tillin - any chance you want to sell me the fibre array if you get it?
My bad guys. For some reason i didnt get emailed on those PM's. Going through them now.
Tillin: She's an Octane w/ the innards of an Octane2 just Octane skins. Skins are in pretty good condition. Ill take pictures tonight.

There seems to be a lot of interest in it (got 3-4 different people asking about it and parts in the space of 6 hours).
Ohh yeah whoever buys it also has to take the 2xesi video cards i've got.

Any of you guys interested in parts? Would like to distribute as much as I can.

Fixed my PM issue.
If the skins aren't too badly damaged I can always do my restoration trick. I care more about the internals as I might want to upgrade the processor/ RAM, so that's good to hear. Video being IMAPCT is perfect, as Linux can't do VPro. I do sort of want everything, with the V6 being the lowest on priorities.

I happen to have a Fibre issue at work that this guy could really help on debugging. I have plenty of cables cables and GBICs or miniGBICs (if the card needs them), so that's not an issue. The model of the fiber card, if its in a PCI shoehorn, or if it needs an SGI DB9 to optical (MIA) would be useful.

Assuming I end up with it, I won't need the Fibre array after about a week's worth of testing (mainly to debug the card so I know it isn''t a problem on my end when I connect to the University computational SAN), so I'd be willing to pass it on to someone who does. I may need to hold onto the card depending on model and other issues. If its a X9-FC-2POPT-B I'd be really happy.
I saw myself getting greedier and the possibility of the situation getting more complicated then need be.
yak messaged me first so he gets first dibs. FYI I've upped the price to $75 and a six pack of good beer.

If he doesn't want it all or whatnot then I'll spread the rest around. I've got some other random sgi stuff around so I'll go through the rest this weekend and put it up here. the octane and fibre's the best of the lot though.
I just wanted the fibre array, but my friend can't pickup anymore, so I'm out on the whole thing. If someone buys it though, I'd be willing to pay some decent money for the array.
Still interested. As I said above, if I do get it, I'll gladly pass on the array once I'm done with it (a week tops). Shipping to Texas will probably be expensive, though.
PM sent.

Shipping the array would definitely be on the expensive side though I couldn't estimate it.
whats the weight on one of those things? I'll probably just take it empty depending on what size drives it takes.
PM sent.