xmame and gmake for Irix 5.3

I am trying to get a few of the older xmame versions (around v30) running on my Indy R4400 with Irix 5.3, (a number of years back I had one the older version working and its performance was ok).

In any case, I am getting a lot of complaints using the standard 'make' and was thinking the next step was to try and use gmake. My question is, is it better to get the makefile working with the standard irix make program, or is it much better to use gnu make?

Is there a gnu make binary for Irix 5.3 somewhere also? The SGI 5.3 freeware and TGC's 5.3 binaries have most GNU programs, except for gmake :(


Found the gmake, tgc had this labeled as make-3.81-2.tgc-irix5.3-mips1-tgcware.tardist...
Was able to eventually compile xmame 031.1, there were a few makefile errors and only one c error. But after those were fixed up, it compiled nicely and seems to work ok (although this was only tested with one ROM just yet).

This is running on Irix 5.3 (R5000 version, with a number of patches).

It is compiled with sound turned sound off at the moment, wanted to start with something simple, but will now see if the sound will work.

The real difficulty at the moment is finding xmame source files, as the old website is no longer available (replaced with SDL mame).