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Tezro crashing

hi my tezro reboot by it self and i get this screen
any idea what is the problem?

Is this happening each boot or is this something that's just happening - meaning that your machine just did show up this screen?

Anyway it's local version of the BSOD and it tells you that there was a segment violation somewhere in the code you are running causing the kernel to crash and dump the contents of ram into HD for later post mortem analysis.

If this was one off or occurs just running certain software it's very likely a bug in the program itself - or drivers or... If it happens often and whenrunning different software, it might be an indication af a hardware problem.

Maybe someone who's more knowledgeable of the iron can give you even more exact causes by looking at the dump screen :)

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crashing just happening some times
i don't have connected the breakout bot of Digital Media , DM3 DM5 maybe is that making the problem?
i don't have good knowledge of irix
You should be able to find some log stuff in /var/adm/crash. If there is nothing there, try enabling dumping with "chkconfig savecore on" and reboot and wait for the next crash.
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