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Reminder: software and media offers and requests...

Dear all,

I've had to edit / delete / obfuscate a lot of posts lately that didn't respect neko's rule about no software or media offers and requests on the board.

Once and for all, software like IRIX, Discreet stuff etc. pp. may NOT be requested or offered for sale in any of the wanted / sale sections!

- except drivers sold with hardware items
- open source software / freeware
- IRIX installation on an SGI workstation for sale withOUT media

Please bear this in mind when posting, and don't do it unless you qualify for one of the exceptions above, the middle one is kind of moot anyways. Direct people offsite if you want to sell some 'further unidentified goodies'.

But please keep software requests OFF the board entirely.

If you don't agree with this rule, feel free to send hatemail via PM. :)