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Prevent phpBB 'code' tag from eating leading spaces?

As noted here , phpBB's 'code' tag removes any leading spaces from a line - which, for code, is almost definitely not what's wanted.

Is there any phpBB setting which can be hacked/changed to preserve all line-spacing within 'code' tags?
It seems to work fine here (Safari 3.0.4) ...

. -> no leading spaces
. -> 2 spaces
. -> 4
. -> 8
. -> 16

What browser are you using? It's possible it doesn't have support for the CSS white-space property or that it in some way alters the text you enter.
Interesting - I can see spaces in your reply...

I pasted in the output from 'diff' in the post above ( ) with neko_firefox-, and I can't see any leading spaces!
I haven't noted any problems with it either - otherwise all of the 'hinv' outputs would look funny, and they're all fine.

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It must be something about the characters in the text, then (the troffrc file does tend to look like line-noise ;) ) - I've just re-edited the post with Safari, and the message body definitely contains leading spaces... which the rendered version definitely doesn't.

So there's definitely something wrong here - but it's something which doesn't affect hinv posts or SOB's post above.

. <- test 0
. <- test 0
. <- test 1
. <- test 1
. <- test 2
. <- test 2

Ah-ha! There we go! Single spaces at the start of lines in code blocks are being dropped!