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A call for Brazilian users - Brazilian area on the forum

Dear friends,

Urge the need for a brazilian gathering. There are few users of SGI machines in Brazil. Gathering toghether would make us stronger, we could have access to more offers and one could help another without the problem of frontiers and our very expensive taxes.

Why not a "brazilian users" area on this forum? Anyone with me?

Could at least we have a list of who is brazilian? As an example, I have access to 10 Octane and 4 Indigo machines for R$ 100-150. It would be a good oportunity for brazilians to upgrade their indy computers and like. How to make that come to all brazilian sgi users?

Hope you all understand my intentions

Greetings, Alexandre

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Cool idea... dunno how practical.. as workstations are heavy to ship making them pretty impractical unless you can pick them up locally smaller stuff like might take off though. For instance a SATA-> SCSI-2 adapter would be amazing especially if it cost about $20-30 or 50 Reais and would fit inside a 2.5in drive caddy with a drive.

These days I only visit Minas Gerais every other year or make sure my permanent residence doesn't expire :C
Hi Guys,
Seeing you post just reminds me how things some times can be very difficult even on the 21st century, we have the same problem here in Portugal even with the Schengen agreement, you may order some machine or products from europe without paying any customs tax, but the post office fees are unbearable to sustain. Even though, the SGI users in Portugal doesn't exist by the way or is hidden somewhere.... lol. Nice to heard Portuguese around :)

E sim... concordo plenamente com uma área onde pelo menos se falasse / escrevesse em Português


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