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mech001 primary mirror

Hello all,

After my announcement that the mech001 primary mirror is going offline, you guys have created a peak surge of download the past week. I've been contacted by TU-Security and asked if this is normal. Well, i explained the situation to them and i and hope they will understand the surge in bandwidth last week was due to excessive rsync traffic of this software archive.

So please people, don't pull redundant stuff over our network, just for the sake of getting the full mirror before it goes offline. I will make sure that there will be a new server to continue this service, but please be patient with me sorting out my work troubles, and don't create more problems by killing my bandwidth quota for this machine.

Thank you,

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European nekoware mirror, updated twice a day: rsync
Approximately how much of a surge are you seeing?

My HTTP/rsync mirror at has been bumped up to Primary on the page, but has not yet been added to the wiki. I think this may be why your server is still getting pounded in its final days.

Most likely the downloads from 24th and 25th of october were the culprit of the warning.
:Crimson: :PI: :Indigo: :O2: :Indy: :Indigo2: :Indigo2IMP: :O2000: :Onyx2:
European nekoware mirror, updated twice a day: rsync
Eh, whoops... that might have been (partially) me. Coincidence though; I just booted the O2 again after a (long! long!) time, and noticed my nekosync was way out of date. Updated it, and your mirror is being used by my nekosync... :) I wasn't aware your mirror was moving. Will keep an eye on this.
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