Picked up an IBM 7043-140...thoughts on the value of an IBM GXT800P ?

Hi folks, I just picked up an IBM 7043-140 (233MHz 604e), and it came with an install of AIX 4.2, along with an IBM GXT800P, which seems to work fine. Is anyone interested in acquiring this card? I'm not sure I want to keep it in the machine.

The machine came with two 128MB 53H1671 60NS EDO DIMMs, and I'd like to get it maxed out (768MB stated max, can it go higher in reality?). Presumably these are ECC DIMMs, but can anyone confirm? If anyone has some 128MB ECC DIMMs
Why wouldn't you want the card? Without it you have no framebuffer, unless you really insist on using a serial console only. With the 233MHz CPU option this is actually a pretty nice classic AIX workstation you have there.

The IBM spec sheet I have says ECC for these. I am not aware of any way to exceed the 768MB limit. MemoryX sometimes has this spec.
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I've got mine (a 332 MHz version with GXT800P) for 10 Euro, so I wouldn't expect the card to be worth much.
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