5394/7855 set wants to originate

I'm collaborating with Techfury to try something but I'm having configuration issues on my end getting my 5394-01B twinax controller to play nice with my 7855-10 modem.

The controller is configured as follows:

Code: Select all

AA: 0  BB: 0
1: 00  2: 10  3: 1110000   8: 3C 0   P: - -

The modem is set to factory defaults which is what we want. The cable being used is a passive 25 pin. I know it's passive because I've used it as a SCSI extension cord once and use it regularly with an EPROM programmer.

The issue is that as soon as the 5394 finishes booting it tells the modem to originate a call. It should be waiting for a call, or waiting for it to be specifically told to dial from user input (shift-sysRQ <number> <enter>). You can unplug the modem and it behaves again but it's positively something the controller is trying to do. We tried overriding it by jumpering pins 17 and 19 didn't work either.
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