IBM 100DX4/Tp and PCI cards

Been away a while, and in this time I managed to find the IBM Valuepoint 100DX4/Tp (mini-tower).
This is a 100MHz 486DX4 box, and I have one with ISA and PCI slots (there is a version with ISA and MC).
I'm having troubles getting the PCI cards to work. They just are not recognized. ISA cards seem to work fine (after hours of searching for the drivers).
I want to use a PCI SCSI card in order to have a larger and faster drive.
Oh, and the CDROM (currently in slave mode on the primary IDE, with the HD as master on the same IDE) is sometimes recognized and sometimes not.
Finally managed to get the parallel port and the mouse port working (damn IRQs).
Does anyone know about PCI cards on this box?

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