What is a PowerPC 760?

As the title states, I would like to know if there was such a processor. I acquired an old 7043-140 to fix a non-functional 7043-140 and looking at the firmware updates there was an entry stating that the particular firmware level-
Added support for PowerPC 760 processor at 233MHz.

I remember trying to replace the 332MHz 604r on my original -140 with a 233MHz 750 from a spare beige PowerMac G3 desktop and it just threw 888's. I didn't think to switch VRMs back then... maybe I should've. I wonder if that was merely a mistake on IBM's part or there was a processor but never made it past R&D/testing. I could certainly find no reference to it on the web.

At the very least the seller also sent AIX 5.1 cds! My old one ran openSUSE 10.0 with the last kernel before PReP support was broken. At least my NICs and SATA were supported...

- Simon.
This is still the 604e. CPU Cross Reference RS/6000 PCI Bus Systems contains the CPUs you can use in the 7043-43P.
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AIX 5.3 will run on PReP, but it is getting quite close to its official end of life.

NetBSD has very good PReP support if you need a maintained free OS.
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OK the chart kind of answers my question, on what other processors the -140 can take, but it still doesn't explain why the PowerPC 604e and ev/r as the PowerPC 760. Thinking about it a little further, is it something to do with the PowerPC 750 being a direct evolution of the 603?

As for operating systems isn't AIX 5.1 the last supporting version, 5.2 dropping systems with an ISA bus. As for NetBSD, is the install media bootable or would it be safer to net install that one?

EDIT: The PCI NIC it came with doesn't work, any suggestions for a replacement for AIX?
AIX 5.1 for 7043-140
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