PowerStorm 1000

Does anyone know, what a PowerStorm 1000 is? I know digital rebadged many accelerators as PowerStorm, I know they've used deskside accelerators like the E&S Freedom Series, but I've never seen a PowerStorm 1000.
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Looks like it could be an internal DEC development. Pretty exotic: 2048x2048 resolution?
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Maybe it was intended for usage for flight control/aerospace (i.e. radar), military, medical instruments and such? (Typically with square screens.)
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LOOKING FOR: SGI Indigo² Maximum IMPACT graphics board set, preferably with ≥1 × 4-Mbyte TRAM.
The high-resolution option required a Sony DDM-2802C display, which looks like an ATC monitor. There are LCD replacements for them today (search "eizo raptor")
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