HP ZX6000 and ATI FireGL X3

Hi all,

I have a HP ZX6000 box here with 8GB RAM, dual 1.5GHz Madison cpu's and the ATI FireGL X1 card (HP OEM version) now running Debian Wheeze (well the Testing Dist).
I think its a nice machine to play around with.

After a bit of mucking around with EFI partitions to get it to boot up, success. It seems to run quite well with Linux 3.2 kernels and Xorg.

I have noticed on dmesg that the DRM Radeon R300 driver recognises the FireGL X1 running with a standard X86 VGA bios. There isn't some sort of custom ia64 EFI rom as such as what I first thought.

So I presume there must be some sort of legacy X86 rom emulation done in the EFI firmware or the Madison CPU hardware x86 emulation is executing the FireGL X1 VGA bios, therefore giving me an EFI console.

As I am after better X11 - Xorg performance, I am investigating the use of the FireGL X3 in the zx6000 and so I have purchased one off ebay. This is a retail version, not OEM.
Of course the FireGL X3 is not supported by HP for use on the ZX6000. But is with the C8000 (with the special HP VBIOS firmware that is..)

Before installing it in the ZX6000, I tested it in an AGP slot of an old pc and can confirm it works.

After modding the ZX6000 to bring in +12V to the PCI/AGP expansion cage to power the FireGL X3 card I power up the ZX6000 and wait for 5 minutes, there is nothing on the screen, no errors on the warning LED's.

I am using the serial console in the ZX6000 now and there is a message saying that there is a "EFI Console failure". Basically there is nothing displayed on the X3 screen.

I start up elilo on the serial console and boot Linux. The DRM Radeon R420 driver detects the card, but complains that the VGA bios firmware is not found or corrupt. The FireGL X3 doesn't display anything.
I presume the VGA bios on board the FireGL X3 must execute to initialise the card and that is why it isn't working.

Has anyone got the ZX6000 working with a FireGL X3?
Can it be used as an EFI Console?
Is there some configuration to be done in the EFI shell to get it to work?

You can drop even modern _PC_ ATI AGP cards into ZX6000 (just make a power feed for them. I'm running HD4850 in my ZX6000 with no problems).