DEC 3000/600 AXP Dual Head Support

Anyone know if these boxes will run two PMAGB-JA/PMAGB-DA etc graphics cards in dual head mode?
I currently have a single width 24 bit graphics board which I guess from the options catalogue I have must be a PMAGB-JA, although this is listed as DEC OSF/1 support only I know it does work with OpenVMS, possible a later release than was available when the catalogue was printed - September 1993.

Alternatively does anyone have one of the higher spec cards they'd like to sell/trade. I'm in the UK.

Regards, Mark.

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dual head isn't a problem as long as you have enough turbo channel slots. I used to have a 3000/900 with six graphics cards from an industrial application. Works just fine. Mixing different types of graphics cards was quiet usual, for example when you had a slow, but 24bit, card for displaying images and a fast, but 8 bit, card for the regular desktop, xterms, etc.
I'm quiet sure OSF/1 works with anything that you could put in a DEC3000. You might need Open3D though.

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