UP2000+ Update

the power supply fan is fixed. now it sounds like a server should. music :)

after debian i pulled down the fedora port. i had trouble burning cds and getting disk #1 to pass the test. i went ahead with the install, but it always bombed out during fdisk. ahh well. on to gentoo.

it is a 4 day weekend. by the looks of the installation instructions, i might need it too. :)

On a dual CPU UP2000+ (is it a 2000 + or a regular UP2000?) the compilation of a base Gentoo install shouldn't take too long at all. Again, get on IRC and I and others would be happy to help you. In order to get help though, you need to stay longer than the minute-and-thirty-seconds you've been popping in.

I wrote what I think is a pretty good wiki article about the UP2000/+, available here: http://alphalinux.org/wiki/index.php/UP2000

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matt.. this is a up2000+. dual 833 with 4mb cache. 512mb ram.

i think i'll be fine with the gentoo install. it will just take a while. and that is the point of gentoo. more control over your system. :) if not, i'll pop in to IRC. thanks for the write up on the up2000.
Sad day in LA.

I started the gentoo install last night. at 1am i let the kernel compile and went to bed. this morning i finished up and went to reboot. the boot started, then the machine suddenly rebooted again. this happened a couple of times.
i started looking around and found *show power* in SRM. the 3.3v listed closest to the top shows *FAILED* on both cpus. the LEDS on the board are all lit except for D7 and D10. The user manual says D7 and D10 are SROM related.

the guy i bought this system from ran these for years. i sent an email asking for possible solutions.

so the gentoo install is on hold. :(