SPARCstation 2 papers scans/PS/PDF ?


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does someone have one of the following papers scanned (image) or in PS, PDF format or know how to get them and would share it with me, please?

for reading...

" SPARCstation 2GS / SPARCstation 2GT Technical White Paper ", Sun Microsystems, 1990
This describes the highest performance graphics accelerators available from Sun.
Source: "Sun Performance Tuning Overview—June 1991", Adrian Cockcroft

for fun...

SPARCstation 2 marketing brochure / flyer (complete)

Known search engines didn't help me at this point, several times.

Thanks so far.
SPARC: Sun SPARCstation 2 (1990), Sun Blade 2000 (2002)
x86: SNI PCD-3M (1989), SNI PCD-4H (1993), SNI Scenic Pro C5 (1996)