Solbourne questions -

I am hopeful I can find someone around here how might be able to help out.

This is a long bit of an explanation, so you may want to just skip over this or grab a drink and some nourishment to consume while trying to comprehend it all.

The Story - My sister and her long time boyfrend and room mate created a multi line BBS (of which there are 2 left in exsistance). One of the boards was TREX (located in the north bay area of California, and the other, LOIS, which was given to me prior to her passing from colon cancer.) One of her requests was for me to see that several of her sites would continue to be available as a remeberence to her and peet, and the fun little stuff that happened in their dial up boards bakc in the day. In summern LOIS is ours through the generosity of Pete and Missing belongs to Gilbert. The duties of maintaining hardware and the lines / service to run them both. In all too little of time, we lost Kerry and Pete.

In the conversations which followed during my sisters treatments, one of the things she requested /assigned to me to do was to keep lois and missing alive as long as humanly possible. Here is where the probelem lies.

Very few people - myself included have ANY idea how any of the system was run. We kow the it was running the solbourne OS but that was about it. at one time there were over 15 phone likes dialing into LOIS.

At the most current incarnination, LOIS was more of a call in message /chat board served over Telnetl Splash pages wnet up and up from time to time, but the feel never did change.

3rd into this mix was This is where my sister could get really out of her shell and support artists she loved and wanted to help them in their budding careerd.

I have a little leeway working on the merchandise maven stuff because we did all of that stuff together and on common linux distross

Is there anyone here who would be willing to be sent some stuff to see what type of effort we would need to put forth to make LOIS alive again for {Pete)(AKA Communicator) and Kerry (Yvonne Lozano).

Anything at this point would be helpfull for me, including any additiaonal manuals or documentation on the KAP sun compatable chip and bios would be a start.

I would really like one of her dreams come back to life, and it will bring good memories so everyone who had known her through all of our times, good and bad.

The Moo Software developer seems to have moved on to real life, and the source code to these monsters is forever lost in time. (outside of the pieced I have been putting together from piles of old sun boxes). his handle back in the day was ford perfect.

If anyone has any ideas and they are in the central valley or northern bay area, I would like to sit down and see if you and I could come up with some bullit proof way to get Kerry's boards back up and running again. I have missing still chumming along, but it could use a facelift. LOIS is in the capable hands of Peninsula Communications who are willing to help when they have time. I have 9 IP's where waiting for the return.

Now for the Kicker - if someone is able to help, and we have this beast going again - I'll buy you a car. Probably not a car you will like, but it will be a car.

4 wheels, seats radio, etc you will have to pay the registration and insurance on the thing.

Any help, thoughts or ideas, or if you remember Kerry (Yvonne Lozano) or Pete (Comminucator) Please contact me at [email protected] I host the stuff out of my house, because that was how when wanted it run.

Please help if you can If there is a part I need to find to make this heppen, I will find it.
If you remember / / / or any of the many authors and supporters Kerry had during those years, just a note of thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

We are doing everyitng we can at this point. any help is appreciated. (Oh and saw a good pile of SGI stuff to the back of Weirdstuff in Sunnyvale a couple of weeks ago, but was cash poor at the time)