Solaris 10 'su' serial driver and pci to serial

I'm playing with NetMos PCI dual serial card and Sun Blade 150. The idea to attach 'su' serial driver to the board.
NetMos says that linux does not need any driver, just do

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setserial /dev/ttyS2 port 0xecf8 UART 16550A irq 10 Baud_base 115200

(and [email protected] just sees that ports out-of-a-box)

Sun docs says that "su driver supports up to ten ports" , but it is not clear where it looks for serial hardware (in case of ISA, 3e8 and irq) - the only place where can it get is OFW, right?
There could be driver config (probably su.conf) somewhere under /kernel or around, but docs says nothing about it.

prtconf says pci,serial (driver not attached). devfsadm does not create anything. OFW's show-devs sees /devices/[email protected],0/[email protected]/[email protected] (one device, the board is dual serial)

Any ideas? That should be easy, but I no not know what to do. True that OFW should be told to pass this serial hardware to 'su' driver?

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Have you tried the Solaris Device Configuration Assistant? Do Blade 150s even have the Device Configuration Assistant? What does prtconf -pv say?
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