Lucasfilm EditDroid & SoundDroid brochures

Got some brochures and a FAQ from a DroidWorks 4/85 press kit up on the site. Not super info-dense, and not SGI-related, but cool anyway; these systems were driven by early Suns. On the basis of the high-res color SunView display shown in the EditDroid brochure, I think it must have been a VME Sun-2, rather than a Multibus one (the earlier models were supposedly driven by 100Us) since the only multibus color framebuffer for Sun (the cgone) has a display area of only 640x480 pixels (the framebuffer itself is 640x512).

Was there an earlier computerized editing suite for film or video?
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Wow, the quality of that first PDF is stunning. Thank you for posting this.
Wonderful bits of history. And fascinating.
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many thanks - very interesting - and agreed the pdf's are superb!
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