Solaris 2.6 TGS Opengl

Does anyone know anything about TGS OpenGL for Solaris?

From what I understand it could be downloaded from Template graphics ftp site in the 90's though I am not sure if it required a license.

And it supplied accelerated Opengl for ZX which sun doesn't seem to do.. they just use the ZX as an overgrown framebuffer according to the documentation. If someone has a copy and they don't think it would be violating any copyright laws I would like to get a copy of it.
I've got a copy of the drivers now.. Opengl 1.0 and 1.1... as well as LeoTool 2.0 which was used to demonstrate what sun hardware could do.

I'm afraid they aren't trial versions though so I can't really post a link to them on the forum or anything its a pity sotware copyrights don't run out faster. I will try and get them working though and post again about how that goes.
After searching the Web I found
TGS (Template Graphics Systems, Inc.), then VSG (Visualization Science Group), now FEI (since Aug, 2012)

TGS 3D Master Suite, TGS OpenGL (v1.0.3) and TGS OpenInventor were also Third-Party applications in the package "Ultra Pack Volume 2, CD-ROM #6". But you can't use it without a license.