SS10 power supply concerns

So I have two SS10s one of which I would like to upgrade to a quad ROSS hyperSPARC system. What concerns me is that the PSU is rated 140 watts I believe and the ross datasheets indicate that the 142Mhz dual wide ross parts I am considering may use as much as 69watts each (single width model uses 74 watts)!

I have read in mailing lists of people running quad hypersparcs in SS10/SS20 but I have no idea what sort of configuration they are using or if they possible upgraded the PSU somehow. The MBUS guide does not seem accurate as the single width card which has a higher power rating has no heat warning whereas the double width HM142W-1024 is only indicated to be fairly hot.

So does anyone have any experience with quad ROSS systems here I understand that the SS20 also only has a 150watt PSU so wouldn't make much difference since just CG6 and a newer and thus more efficent SCSI drive would probably even the SS20 at its limit?

I'm also hunting an AG-10E for the other SS10.

ROSS datasheets .... I'm looking at rt226c.pdf
Get a SS20. The -10 has a smaller PSU and nowhere near the cooling capacity of a SS20. The -20 also has a faster MBus and SCA drive connectors (much easier to find larger/newer drives).

SX graphics aren't bad, either.

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

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You're probably right... even thought the PSU is only 10watts more I have heard the cooling is much better. I have an Ultra1 (167Mhz 128Mb and TGX graphics ) and 2 SS2s (on with original CPU the other is a weitek) that I could sell / trade for an SS20

That said I'll probably jump on the ross mbus modules first .... unless I magically come into a load of cash :-) my last purchase an hp 50g sucked me dry