[SPARCStation 10] Mixing CPU modules/speeds?


since my questions regarding SGI were promptly answered with great accuracy and usefulness :) , perhaps someone might have some insights regarding Sun box I'd like to deal with next month; so, I'd like to upgrade my SPARCStation 10, equipped with single SM71 (501-2925; SuperSPARC-II 2.4.5 with MXCC 4.5 cache controller and 1MB cache).

Naturally, I'd like to add another CPU, but failing to find that exact module, I came across this:


And, as stated earlier, CPU modules in SparcStations 10 and can run a different clock speeds, the following ones __SHOULD__ work:

* SM71, SM81


That is the combination I am aiming at, since I could obtain 501-3033 (SM81, SuperSPARC-II 2.4.5 with MXCC 4.4). Although MXCC versions seem to be discrepant, they are both STP1091 chips so I hope there should not be any problems regarding that.

Can anyone comment or verify this one? Is there any other info about SS10 I can submit in order to increase chances this really works? What about CPU speed, does it decreases to the speed of slower CPU or is slower one overclocked? Or do they work asymmetrically?

Best regards and TIA!
MBus speed, used cache size (meaning that 1MB/2MB doesn't make a difference for SS10/SS20), chip family (SuperSPARC, SPARC, HyperSPARC) and MXCC version both have to be the same. MXCC 4.x introduced some significant changes over MXCC 3.x and you will run into problems.

Minor MXCC revs should be fine - give your config a go.

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