SunPCi II upgrades

Hey, has anybody upgraded the CPU on their SunPCi II? I know Sun supports upgrades on the III. Do Tualatins work? Does the SunPCi II support a 100MHz FSB, i.e. will it play well with Coppermine Pentium IIIs?
I have not attempted it but I found the following advice on this thread:

I think they aren't different boards (no prove here, however: They do have the
same internal code name called "Chimera").
They seem to have the same PCB and the same chipsets installed.
Just another preinstalled cpu (Celeron2 733MHz vs. 600MHz) and 128MB memory
preinstalled instead of 64MB. Both of them also take any 100MHz FSB Coppermine
Pentium3's up to 1100MHz (with additional cooling required / 1100MHz part may
be unstable).

The 100MHZ FSB means you want the P3s with the 10x multiplier instead of a higher multiplier on a lower FSB speed.
In any case, the increased cache of a non-celeron P3 is reported to give a good speed bump.

I'm interested to hear of any success or any source of cheap 10x100 coppermine p3s.