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Video Input PAL strangeness

I'm trying to use my O2 as a PAL video monitor so I can play with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum someone gave me. The basic video panel and monitor are having a tough time working with the composite signal I've modded out of the speccy. It can take upwards of a minute for the machine to lock onto the signal then after probably displaying a single stable frame of video it locks up. Both computers are still functioning but I have to close and reopen the video panel to get the same sync issue and single frame before it locks up again. I switched back to NTSC mode and tried another composite source and it was fine. Dragged out my quadra 660av and tried on that and the Sinclair was fine as well. Is this a settings issue or one of the many quirks of a Sinclair product that the O2's A/V module does not like?
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Seen the same problem. O2 does not like.
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You need a TBC. I found a VideoPro on eBay.

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