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Octane Personal Video video recording problems


I need you kind help on a issue I have with a personal video option card I just received and installed on my Octane (2x250MHz, 768MB, MXE).

I am trying to record live video with Media Recorder via the Composite analogue input.
I see the live video on the media recorder window and the whole process happens without any error.
But when I try to play the video files I have files with correct duration but play only black!!

I have tried with various setings, from full frame to half-resolution and compressed/uncompressed.

Does anyone have seen this problem before?
could it be a hardware problem or a software installation problem?

Looking forard to your help


:Octane2: V12 | 2xR12k 400MHz,
:Octane: SI+TRAM + PVO | R12k 400Mhz,
:Indigo2IMP: R4400 250MHz | MAXImpact+Video4Impact