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Video Monitors

Does anyone have any recommendations and general info on video monitors? Due to the price (and the fact that other than a QAM tuner I have no HD equipment) I'm only looking at SD.

My most first question is Is there even still a need to preview video on a CRT monitor? What you see is not going to be the same when played back on an LCD TV correct? I have seen the argument that color correction should be done on a CRT so that its as accurate as possible with the assumption that any variation in the user's set won't be noticed because your video should match what they normally see broadcast.

I've mainly been looking at Sonys, most of which are 600 line. Does anything about that really make a difference with SD? I do have a chance to get a 800 line Sony with an SDI input for under $200 which seems like a deal. Its functional and looks good but I can't check it out ahead of time.

It will be hooked to the Octane but potentially used on the PC and Mac as well which don't have SDI. Any footage I take will just be DV and possibly some very short sequences from hi res cameras for work which would probably be uncompressed analog or digital depending on the system. Thinking about that, I realize most of the stuff wouldn't be view on a normal TV often. Still interested anyway.
what model sony? if it has the sdi board its definatly a deal.

another cool thing is, if its new enough, even tho sony says its a SD monitor, since it has 800 lines, if you feed HD component down its throat. it will sync up and be awesome quality.
Its a 14" Sony PVM-14M4U. Here it is , some body buy it because I think I'm going to hold off for at least a bit. If you're near LA and can avoid the shipping charges you can get it for $99.

Still looking for advice though.
I'm pretty sure that one is too old to sync anything but NTSC/PAL on the component ins.
Its still a good deal for an SD SDI monitor...