SGI: hinv

Indy, R4400, XL24, Indy Video (ev1), Cosmo Compression

This is the latest and probably last entry to my "Galileo Video" project. It's an Indy with the Indy Video card and Cosmo Compression. No breakout box required.

Currently one of the SIMMs is not behaving, otherwise it would be pretty much a complete Indy with 256 MB installed.

Sadly the cover got a bit beaten up on it's way over here. All clips have broken off, but at least the outer skin is complete and can be fixed easily. It's more or less one big crack.

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CPU: MIPS R4400 Processor Chip Revision: 6.0
FPU: MIPS R4000 Floating Point Coprocessor Revision: 0.0
1 200 MHZ IP22 Processor
Main memory size: 128 Mbytes
Secondary unified instruction/data cache size: 1 Mbyte on Processor 0
Instruction cache size: 16 Kbytes
Data cache size: 16 Kbytes
Integral SCSI controller 0: Version WD33C93B, revision D
Disk drive: unit 1 on SCSI controller 0
On-board serial ports: 2
On-board bi-directional parallel port
Graphics board: Indy 24-bit
Integral Ethernet: ec0, version 1
Integral ISDN: Basic Rate Interface unit 0, revision 1.0
Iris Audio Processor: version A2 revision 4.1.0
Indy Video (ev1): unit 0, revision 0
Vino video: unit 0, revision 0, IndyCam not connected
Cosmo Compression: unit 2, revision 521


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