Japanese Tools

Any fans?

I have some collection of Engineer hand tools (screwdrivers, pliers, tweezers, etc) but that's about it.

Recently my trusty "canadian tire" ratchet handle broke after 25+ years of service (3/8 drive, swivel handle). Pawl jammed and then snapped putting a driveshaft back in an electric bus. I don't think it was meant to be serviced. The handle was starting to crack at the hinge.

To replace it, I ordered a Koken 3774NL. (did not want to give the tool truck guy the big bucks for snap, matco, etc), don't want any more cheap crap from HD/Lowes/Sears. (gearwrench, craftsman, husky, etc).

The distributor I ordered from has a large selection of koken, KTC, etc. frankstools.com

Seems like generally 1/2 price of snap on, but just as good and not having to deal with their shark-like 'dealers' is a huge win.
Vessel for screwdrivers, Keiba for flush cutters.

Craftsman used to be very good. Their "Flying V" wrenches were really strong. I mostly get by with old Proto and Plomb wrenches, or the cheap stuff (Gearwrench). Not needed often enough to wear them out.
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I find Harbor Freight is a decent deal especially with the exchange if it breaks policy.

I don't have any Japanese tools.
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Not mechanical tools, but...

Sanwa multimeters are great: http://overseas.sanwa-meter.co.jp/

I am also looking at buying a Hioki LCR meter ( https://www.hioki.com/en/products/detai ... t_key=5790 ) and an Iwatsu frequency counter ( http://www.iti.iwatsu.co.jp/en/products ... top_e.html ). All top notch.
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I have an SK hand tools SAE/Metric socket set as well as a set of their SAE combo wrenches. I know the topic is Japanese tools, but they are made in the good old US of A...one of the few that still are. Really nice stuff.

Also, I would also second Harbor Freight since all of their hand tools have a lifetime warranty. And from my experience, it's always "no questions asked". I don't think the employees can be bothered to figure out if you destroyed their wrench through normal use or outright abuse. They just give you a new tool and you are out the door in a couple of minutes. I don't think you even need to bring a receipt.
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They are multiplying. If you can read this, send help.
Raion-Fox wrote: I find Harbor Freight is a decent deal especially with the exchange if it breaks policy.

I've heard of them!!