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old computer graphics magazines?

Well, this didn't seem to belong in the "hardware wanted" forum, so I'll ask here: I don't suppose anybody is sitting on a cache of old 3D graphics magazines (Computer Graphics World, etc) ? I'm specifically looking for stuff pre-2000, none of which have turned up on ebay in a really long time.

I've got a handful of CGW issues from 1993-1995, but would LOVE to find anything older than that. Luckily a "nearby" library has issues going all the way back to the 80s, but ... driving 100 miles just to look at them isn't exactly convenient :)
Computer Graphics goes back to 1982.
Same for ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) .
ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics goes back to 1969.
Paywalls often go down when accessed from academic computers.

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Oooh, some good links there! Yeah, I'll have to try to get a guest account or something at the university library the next time I go, so I can actually save those PDFs.

Still, I would like some actual physical magazines to hold, if anybody's got them and would like to negotiate! I'm mainly looking for stuff with color pictures and ads for commercial software packages. I'll probably end up just scanning individual ads/articles at the library with a wand scanner, though :( CGW in particular is a gold mine of old 3D/CAD software I'd never heard of before.